Lots of people have a misconception about poker being a game which is played using pure luck and intuition and does not require any knowledge of the odds. However, this false assumption can cost the player the entire game of poker. There are only a few moves such as calling all in a bet that does not require any calculation of the odds and can be played based on the intuition. If you have the talent of calculating the odds rapidly then you are definitely ahead of the others in this game. In fact, each and every player plays according to the odds.

There are two ways to calculate the odds and equity of any poker game:- First case is when the odds are more than the equity –  then a large amount of profit is made. The second case is if the equity is more than the odds, then a large amount of money is drained.

Both these are not related to each other ,however, they help the player to make profits if used collectively. The actual hand held by a person is governed by the pot equity. This help player to make a decision to either build the pot or raise the bets in order to gain maximum profit.

Calculating the odds, theoretically, is defined as the estimated value of the player’s hand to the average value of other players hand in the game. The whole concept may be a little difficult for the new players to understand, but some experience players will resolve everything. The experts of the game even find this pot equity concept of the game to be the most inexpressible attribute of the game.

Moving on with the pot odds, it may seem like a huge task as it keeps on growing with chips of a different denomination, but the real profit lies in making the right decision when the time comes. Once you have collected a large number of chips, you need to decide when to call for the bet. It is advised to make a count of each hand as you proceed ahead.

Calculation of pot odds is easy and can be done by – number of outs/ number of cards and then subtracting one from the result. The outcome of this will be the number of bets in the call. After the number of flops is determined, the number of outs can be calculated. Multiply this number by 4, to get the percentage of odds. After the turn is played, then multiply the outs by 2.

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